The Game Gets Better as the Players Get Tougher

We learned from the #safezone and #extrabite rule introductions (10am EST yesterday) that creativity works. Humans, for the moment, are writing to save their lives. Zombies are writing to feed. The game dynamics are friendlier to zombies at the moment, but the new #weapon rule (10pm EST last night) should start to change that. The humans feel so threatened, and they’re being so quiet.

At the same time, we think it’s time for a purge. This is the moment in the narrative, about the halfway point, where the humans should stop taking it on the chin and beat the zombies back, while zombies get more aggressive after inactive humans. To spur that along, let’s imagine a little story.

At the start of the game, it appears that many of the humans found an underground bunker that was relatively safe; they tried to stay very quiet. But you have to come out sometime. It’s probably really dark down there and it doesn’t smell good. I know that you’re scared, but the game needs you. The humans who bunkered in the library and elsewhere around TvsZville need reinforcements. And the zombies need a challenge. They just lean against stair railings and on front lobby couches with a sad ennui in their soulless eyes. It’s time for both sides to take action, to re-animate, and to organize together for the final 24 hours (well, really 27 hours) of TvsZ.

From the moment of this publication, we are instituting two new rules (see the Rules documents for a more legalistic presentation):
  • Non-Tweeting humans are fair game for biting and
  • Humans can drag others into their safezones.

The combination of the safezone rule and the weapon rule should permit a formidable human posse to organize. If you can reach it (i.e., take a photo of it and upload to twitter) you can use it, a car, a fishing pole, a rusty nail, etc., knocking a zombie out of commission for an hour. (latest rule change: 10am 11/11). Remember: even if you can only swipe (protect) someone once per hour, you can #weapon those zombies all day long from the bunker with pictures from your phone of homemade weapons. You can #swipe and #weapon zombies from inside the #safezones. So humans, go collect the remnants of your broken humanity. Drag them out of the cold and get ready for surging back.

Zombies, get ready to eat. Because those humans can’t protect EVERYone. We give you permission to #bite anyone who has tweeted less than 10 times since 4pmEST, November 9.
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