Twitter vs. Zombies: Spirit of the Game

The first thing you should know about Twitter vs. Zombies is that this beta-version pedagogical-gaming experiment is self-legislating. You must follow the rules yourself, own up to mistakes, work towards consensus over disagreements, and maintain your own stats on the TvsZ scoreboard. If you have legitimate questions please ask, but try to solve problems first. Going up the chain will slow down the game. You can also use Google Docs to comment on the rules, add to the comments on this entry, or use #TvsZ to discuss.

The second thing: game play (ironically) depends on kindness. Players should be communal and patient. Yes, the action will be frenetic, especially at the beginning and the end, and some amount of reckless abandon is warranted, but be kind to each other. The Humans vs. Zombies community has, what it calls, the DBag rule. People who play Ultimate Frisbee call this “the spirit of the game.” Be nice, AND be fun.

The third thing: it’s your game as much as ours. The community that circulates around the game will, in some ways, construct and reform the game. You will have the ability to suggest new rules and challenges, to write narratives of “events” in the game (especially useful for players involved in DigiWriMo), and to assist in game administration. Own it!

If you don’t know something, someone else might. Float a question out there. Don’t know what hashtag to search? Don’t understand a particular rule? Ask. It’s possible that other folks in the game share your interests or sense of humor. Embrace those connections. Now, go have fun. But sleep with one eye open . . .
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